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I recently had a Child, and I wanted to get Myself in shape, so I could be that Dad who could play footy with His Son and go down to the park with Him. I contacted Mobile Fitness to help Me with My goal. I’ve been training with Elyas For the Last eight months, and I’ve lost 13 kgs, and I’ve Lost 10 % body fat, and I feel better than ever.


I recently recovered from a broken leg that I sustained during My time playing netball. During My recovery period, I put on some weight and got out of shape. I was speaking to one of My friends who was training with Mobile Fitness and getting excellent results, so I decided to give them a go. I’ve been training with Mobile fitness London for the last six months, and I’ve lost 10 Kg and 9% of body fat. I feel a lot stronger, and I have a lot more energy throughout My day. The Trainers at Mobile fitness are fantastic. They’ve helped Me with My lifestyle and training routine.


When I was a teenager, I started putting on weight, and through My twenties, it got worse. I wanted to lose the weight and tone Up, but I lacked the motivation, so I Looked for a Trainer, and one of My close friends recommended Mobile Fitness. I contacted Elyas the head trainer at Mobile Fitness to help get Me in shape, and I never looked back. I’ve lost a total of 15 kilos and 8% Body fat. I feel 10 YEARS younger.

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