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Success Stories


I recently had a Child, and I wanted to get Myself in shape, so I could be that Dad who could play footy with His Son and go down to the park with Him. I contacted Mobile Fitness to help Me with My goal. I’ve been training with Ilyas For the Last eight months, and I’ve lost 13 kgs, and I’ve lost 10 % body fat, and I feel better than ever.


I recently recovered from a broken leg that I sustained during My time playing netball. During My recovery period, I put on some weight and got out of shape. I spoke to one of My friends who was training with Mobile Fitness and getting excellent results, so I decided to give them a go. I’ve been training with Mobile fitness London for the last six months, and I’ve lost 10 Kg and 9% of body fat. I feel a lot stronger, and I have a lot more energy throughout My day. The Trainers at Mobile fitness are fantastic. They’ve helped Me with My lifestyle and training routine.


When I was a teenager, I started putting on weight, and through My twenties, it got worse. I wanted to lose weight and tone up, but I lacked the motivation, so I Looked for a Trainer, and one of My close friends recommended Mobile Fitness. I contacted Ilyas, the head trainer at Mobile Fitness, to help get Me in shape, and I never looked back. I’ve lost a total of 15 kilos and 8% body fat. I feel 10 YEARS younger.

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Mobile Fitness London Training has been a top personal training company in the fitness industry for over five Years. Based in Central London and South West London. Mobile Fitness London offers training for any fitness goal. We provide World class personal training services for people who are serious about improving their health and physique.

All our Trainers are Level 3 reps qualified and Highly experienced, Trainers


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