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Wedding Package

For the last year, We have been offering a wedding package for Brides who want to get it shape for their Big Day. We designed a specialised program that will get You in the dress size that You want so that You can enjoy that glorious day.

Two-month package: £950

Three-month package: £1,350

This includes

Four sessions a week

A Tailor-made training program and diet

Free resistance bands and a free yoga mat

A fitness test every two weeks

Prices will come down to as low as £28.99 a session

All the sessions are 45 Minutes long

We offer a 100% Money back guarantee if Clients aren’t satisfied with the service provided

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Mobile Fitness London training has been a top personal training company in the fitness industry for over 5 Years. based in Central London and South West London. Mobile Fitness London offers training for any type of fitness goal. We provide World class personal training services for people who are serious about Improving their health and physique.

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