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Certified personal trainers delivered to your home, park or building gym.


Finding a personal trainer that is flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule and come to where you are at is no mean feat. Residing in South London and sometimes having to crisscross the city for various reason can be a time-consuming endeavor which is why here at Mobile Fitness London, our aim is to take the load of your shoulders and help you meet your fitness goals at a time and place of your convenience.

Whichever part of South London you reside it, we will find a personal trainer available to meet with you there. We have personal trainers in Peckham, as diverse as the community itself, and personal trainers in every part of South London dedicated and committed to walking your fitness journey with you.

We pride ourselves in our ability to connect with our clients by listening to them, fully understanding their goals and crafting a fitness plan as individual as they are. Your fitness plan will take into account your fitness level, your preferences, activities you enjoy, food that you love, making it a fun and practical guide that you will enjoy following. We believe that a life of fitness and health does not have to be a dreary one and we do all that we can to make your fitness plan as fun and engaging as possible.

Are you a professional sportsman or woman or an experienced athlete – we have just the kind of personal trainers you have in mind. Our personal trainers have extensive experience working with professional athletes gearing towards a big race or simply working to maintain their fitness. If you are new to the fitness world, our trainers have built a reputation of being fair yet firm, patience but still able to motivate you to remain disciplined and consistent in your fitness journey.

We have tailor made packages for groups seeking to keep each other accountable by working out together and enjoy the benefits of team work. We also work with individuals to prepare for big occasions such as weddings ensuring that you get to look your absolute best on your big day.

The transformation in our clients’ lives speak for itself. We invite you to have a look at our clients’ success stories and hopefully this will inspire you to take the first step towards the best years of your life. Reach out to us for a free assessment and begin the first day of your wonderful new life.


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