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Training Packages

Training Packages

Training Packages 

Personal Training 

1 Session £45

10 Sessions £380

20 Sessions £700

30 Sessions £960 

All our packages include a tailor-made diet and training program designed specifically to help You reach Your personal goals. 

One-Off Session 

The one-off session is ideal for Clients who need a personalised training program and diet plan, but also want to train by themselves.

This Includes 

  • One personal training session
  • Full body fitness test
  • A 12-week personal training program
  • Tailor-made diet guide
  • You’ll receive a follow Up twice a month for two months with one of our Trainers

Price: £100 

Get Fit Quick Packages

The get fit quick package is our most popular package and has been part of Mobile fitness since We started with over 100 clients starting with this package. 

Clients train four times a week, week in week out for one or two months to get in shape fast. 

Four sessions per week for one month: £560

Four sessions per week for two months: £960 

This includes

  • A full body fitness test
  • Free resistance bands, heart rate monitor and a yoga mat
  • A Tailor-made diet and training program

All the sessions are 45 Minutes Long

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if Clients aren’t satisfied with the standard of training

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Mobile Fitness London training has been a top personal training company in the fitness industry for over 5 Years. based in Central London and South West London. Mobile Fitness London offers training for any type of fitness goal. We provide World class personal training services for people who are serious about Improving their health and physique.

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