Signs you are dehydrated

Is Your urine a strong dark yellow colour

The Colour of Your Urine has direct Link to the amount of Water You drink every day. People Who drink the right Amount water tend to have a Clear see Through Urine which also doesn’t have a Strong Smell and People who are dehydrated tend to have Dark Urine which also comes with a foul smell.

Do You suffer from headaches a few times a month

Your Hydration levels have a direct effect on Your brain, and its performance. Your body uses Water as an energy source throughout the day if You don’t get enough water Your body won’t be able to fuel itself which could lead to dehydration based headaches.

Are You tired throughout the day even when You get eight hours of sleep

There could be many reasons why but one of the most common causes is a Lack water. our body continually uses Water as a Fuel source, and if We use the stores of water faster than We replenish it, it could lead to dehydration which then leads You to be tired

Are Your eyes dry and is Your vision blurry

The body’s first response to a loss of fluid is to preserve the amount of liquid still in the body by conserving the current water stores. Which leads to various signs of dehydration including thirst a dry mouth, decreased urine output, muscle cramps, migraines, dizziness, sleepiness and a lack of tear production. When the eyes stop producing tears, they are no longer well lubricated, which can lead to dry eyes, eye strain and vision problems.


Dry skin

One of the key benefits of being hydrated is having better skin. Water hydrates the Skin and helps It stay Moisturized. If You’re having problems with dry skin, a Lack of water could be one the causes.

Ilyas Adle Exercise Specialist , Mobile Fitness London